Doctor Recommendations


Small Animal

Referral Clinics

At times it may be recommended your pet see a Veterinary Specialist. At CVC we recommend several Specialists located in different parts of Texas.

Veterinary Diets

CVC recommends commercially available diets for all healthy animals. Certain times homemade diets are needed, but are not recommended for long-term feeding.

Veterinary Insurance

There is insurance available for pets!!

Pet Adoption Centers

“Because they ALL deserve a second chance!” – CVC recommends adopting a new pet as a companion and strives to educate the public about spaying and neutering your pets!!

Payment options

CVC requires payment when services are rendered unless previous arrangements have been made.

Rehabilitation Recommendations

Rehabilitation is a crucial aspect to helping pets move and heal. CVC recommends Physical Therapy Rehabilitation on ALL injured pets!! This is a few sites that help us help get your pet up and moving!!